Interpersonal Communication Rubric

When we say that language is acquired through comprehensible input, that means that the student’s big job is to listen for comprehension. On Ben Slavic’s blog there has been a lot of collaboration in developping what was originally called jen’s Great Rubric, so that students could be given grades that reflected their efforts to understand and interact with their teacher. I asked Julie Brault to make a poster representing Interpersonal Communication as defined by the rubric. She’s made it very visual for both students and parents.


10 thoughts on “Interpersonal Communication Rubric”

  1. Melissa Foltz

    I absolutely love this! Can I use it in my classroom? I downloaded it and tried to print it but when I downloaded it, the format changed….there were like 3 images each on top of the other…any suggestions?



  2. Judith Dubois

    The original was a .pdf, but the format had to be changed to go on the blog. I’ve sent you the .pdf version. If anyone else wants it, just leave a comment and I’ll send it on.

  3. Hi!
    I would LOVE a PDF file of this document. THis is a great document, thank you for sharing. I had the same issue printing as Melissa above.

  4. By clicking in the upper right hand corner, you will get the full page, which you can print directly without downloading. Glad you liked it. Let me know how your students react.

  5. Hi, I just ran across this and would love to print it and use it but I have having the same problem that is stated above…when I try to print, there are like three images overlaid on top of each other.

    I tried using the download link but the same problem is still there…could I have a pdf of the document?

  6. Paulino Brener

    Apparently the link is not working again. All I can see is an error message that says: “GDE Error: Error retrieving file – if necessary turn off error checking (404:Not Found)”

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