Our Team

Coaches, teachers and presenters for The Agen Workshop 2022

Teri Wiechart : Coach, Facilitator, Presenter

Karen Rowan : Presenter

Robert Harrell : Coach, Facilitator, Presenter

Michele Whaley : Russian Lab Teacher, Presenter

Adriana Ramirez : Spanish Lab Teacher, Presenter

Hélène Colinet : French Lab Teacher, Presenter

Hélène Cormier : Presenter

Carol Bausor : Presenter

Daniel Kline Logsdon-Dubois : Breton Lab Teacher

Anna Gilcher : Facilitator, Presenter, Coach

Yiyi Xu : Mandarin Lab Teacher

Tamara Galvan : English Lab Teacher

Victoria Maximova : Russian Lab Teacher

Lillian Stirling : Administration

Elicia Cardenas : Coach, Presenter

Anuschka De Coster : Presenter

Janique Vanderstocken : Presenter

Kevin Quigley : Presenter

Liam Printer : Presenter

Judith Dubois : English Lab Teacher, Administration

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