Sabrina and the Beekeeper

Last summer Sabrina Sebban-Janczak organized a three day Comprehensible Input Immersion experience in Agen for French teachers from the United States. In the mornings they had class with Sabrina and in the afternoon they visited some French professionals and talked with them about their passions. There was a “chapellier”, a horse breeder and ….. a beekeeper. Here are some pictures of Sabrina and friends learning how honey is made.

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The beekeeper, Philippe Grégoire, is President of the French Beekeepers organization and gives classes to amateur and professional beekeepers. He is looking forward to having the “Americans” back for another visit. He says the weather has been very good for the bees and he has several new swarms.

Sabrina is offering the Immersion experience again this year, July 23rd to July 25th. For more information, contact Sabrina directly at or go to the Workshop page and scroll down.

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