Carol Bausor came to the workshop intrigued by a TPRS demo she had recently seen. She has been working in France for many years and is the owner of a Language School  in Lyon and Paris. She came to the workshop with an impressive knowledge of communicative activities and was at first a bit disconcerted by the fact that TPRS teachers don’t seem to use such techniques. The last day of the workshop she told me that she felt her eyes had been opened to a whole new range of possibilities. She says:

“I thoroughly recommend this one-week programme for all language teachers – whatever the language they teach, however experienced (or inexperienced) they may be, and whoever they have as students: children, teenagers, adults. This programme represents a wonderful opportunity for teachers to question their own pedagogical practices, expand their creativity, and deepen their motivation. Bravo to Judith and her team for creating such a rich experience!”

Michael Labruyère is a language trainer for AFPA in Brive-La-Gaillarde. He told me, “The penny dropped Wednesday morning.” Then I received this message: 

Dear Judith

TPRS blew me off my feet. You guys are AMAZING. In 20 years of teaching EFL I have never seen anything which transfers current LANGUAGE SCIENCE research findings into classroom practice AS WELL AS TPRS.

I did my first 2 TPRS sessions yesterday (groups of waiters and waitresses)!!! Today, story reading of the session…”

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