TPRS in Europe in 2014

Here are the names of some of the teachers who are using TPRS in Europe. If you are using the method and would like to be mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Great Britain

Keith Rogers – a Latin and Ancient Greek teacher at Rochester Grammar School who uses TPRS and recently organised the first TPRS workshops (given by Blaine Ray) in the UK (see which attracted 24 delegates. Keith has spoken on the principles of TPRS at various gatherings of Classical teachers (ROSA cluster group, Association of Latin Teachers Summer School, Joint Association of Classical Teachers INSET day, local feeder schools gathering, to student teachers on the King’s College teacher training course and at Septimana Latina – in Latin!).  He will be giving future talks to the Guildford Association of Classical Teachers and running an introduction to TPRS workshop at the Association of Latin Teachers summer school in 2013.

The Netherlands

Alike Last introduced TPRS in the Netherlands in 2007. She is a TPR/S teacher-trainer for all levels and all languages and she teaches French with TPR/S to young adults and adults. She has organized TPRS workshops by Blaine Ray and Susan Gross in the Netherlands and she invited Blaine Ray to be a keynote speaker at the annual Conference Day of the association of Dutch language teachers in 2009. Her site ( is specialized in the use of TPRS and TPR and Multiple Intelligences in the language classroom. For more information please visit:

Kirstin Plante and Iris Maas are both Spanish teachers, and the founders of TPRS Nederland, a teacher training company for TPRS. Kirstin owns a language institute near Amsterdam and teaches uniquely with TPRS. Iris works at a Hotel Management School and uses TPRS wherever and whenever she can. Together they give numerous workshops throughout the Netherlands and Europe, and they run a European webshop for TPRS materials.

General website: (Dutch)
Shop: (people in France can order here as well)
Facebook: (English and Dutch)
Twitter: Kirstin Plante (English and Dutch)


Ignacio Almandoz gives private lessons in English to young students and in Spanish to adults. He says, “After 4 years, I’m still excited about teaching with TPRS and learning through CI. (I’m currently learning Russian, German, Portuguese and Italian) without studying the grammar or doing exercises in the traditional way. So I’m trying all these techniques and possibilities on myself. It helps me understand much better the teaching and learning process. My own students are making me a better teacher day after day.”
You can contact Ignacio by Skype at blueaspen or by e-mail at


Martin Anders teaches at Kaltenkirchen Waldorf School in northern Germany and has been using TPRS for four years.
His site is at
He says, “I am absolutely convinced that TPRS will be able to improve our teaching methods to add interest and fun to our lessons and to improve language acquisition which – up to now – is quite mediocre.”


Judith Logsdon-Dubois, professeur agrégé. I taught in a French lycée from 1995 to 2012. Before that I taught English in French speaking Cameroon. I first heard of TPRS in 2006 and began using it the following year. Today I give private lessons and train teachers.
Contact me here.

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