What Happens When Teachers Use Comprehensible Input

Bob Patrick is a Latin teacher. Bob Patrick teaches with Comprehensible Input. He was hired for a part time position in a public high school with over 3000 students in Atlanta, Georgia. His school now has five full-time Latin teachers. Bob was eventually selected as Teacher of the Year in the Southeast and was a hot contender for the national title. His program grew at first because he encouraged the counselors to send him the students no one else wanted and then continued to grow because the kids loved his classes. He recently posted this announcement. Draw your own conclusions.

We are a progressive Latin team teaching collaboratively in a large high
school program striving to build and maintain an inclusive Latin program.

We are looking to add a fifth full time Latin teacher to our team. This
should be someone who is either a) an experienced Comprehensible Input/TPRS
user or b) is willing to adopt the practices of CI with a great deal of
support, mentoring and training from our Latin team. We are exclusively CI
and task oriented. No one on our team typically teaches more than two preps.

We are one of the largest elective Latin programs in a public secondary
school in the nation.

We are an untextbook-Latin program sourcing the content from multiple ages
as well as modern novellas.

We teach Latin to grades 9-12 with classes in levels 1-4 and also offer AP

We are an exclusively CI and task oriented program.

We use Standards based assessments.

We teach in a large (3000+) ethnically diverse school in metro Atlanta
teaching over 20% of our student body.

Our Latin program mirrors the diversity of the school.

We have a very high student success rate and a retention rate of 50-60%
over four years.

We have built a reputation for working with all kinds of learners including
those with emotional and learning disabilities of which we are proud.

We have over 180 students in our chapter of JCL.

Georgia public schools in general pay teachers at the national average and
higher than most in the southern region while costs of living in GA remain
relatively low.

Our team members include: Rachel Ash, Miriam Patrick, Bob Patrick, and
Keith Toda

Interested persons should send letter of interest and resume to Bob
Patrick, Dept. Chair:


Robert Patrick, M.Div, PhD
Metro-Atlanta, GA

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