What Is Wrong with Schools?

Yesterday I read a long article by Carol Black that stunned me. In very simple words she explained so many things that I’ve often felt or sensed. At the same time, much of what she says echoes the findings of Stephen Krashen, Alfie Kohn and the latest cutting edge research in neurolinguistics. Her article changed forever how I will look at my dyslexic students and others who are said to have “learning disabilities.” It will change how I teach and the goals I set my students. I hope it will completely change my relationships with students. Please read this article if you are a teacher or simply a parent. It should be required reading for every adult involved in any way in helping younger humans become functioning adults.
Here is the link: http://carolblack.org/a-thousand-rivers

I’d be very interested in hearing back what others think about this article and the ideas it presents.

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