Classroom Strategies

The Alibi Game

I didn’t invent this game but found it in a text book I used many years ago. I believe it was Oxford Press material. It would take up an entire hour of class without anyone getting bored and gave students lots of practice listening for details, while giving me an easy day. I think I

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Comprehensible Input

How to Acquire Language

I want to explain the difference between the way I teach and the methods that many other language teachers use. You should know that I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1967 and in over fifty years I have been trained in and have used many different strategies, both as a teacher

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Cours d'Anglais

The Ninth of May – Mayi

The Ninth of May Europe celebrates the 8th of May as the end of World War II. In a small town in Cameroon the Batanga tribe celebrates the Ninth of May, the day that marks their return from exile at the end of World War I, more than a hundred years ago. When World War

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The Left Hand of Darkness

I’m re-re-reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. So much wisdom and foresight and humanity, it should be required reading if anything ever should be. And I come across this passage which seems so pertinent in today’s world: “His speeches were long and loud. Praises of Karhide, disparagements of Orgoreyn, vilifications

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Our Team

“Thank you for an amazing opportunity. I have fallen in love with Agen, French, and with CI all over again!” Claudia

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