The TPRS Witch

What is a witch?  It is what some people call an old woman that they don’t agree with, an old woman who speaks her mind and could care less what others call her.  Witchcraft is what the old woman does with her time, her passion, her skill and her wisdom.

I’m Judith Logsdon-Dubois. My father, an officer in the U.S. Navy, brought me presents from Japan, France, Brazil, wherever he had been. I dreamed of travelling around the world seeing the places he told us about. In college I majored in French and also studied German, Spanish, Greek and Latin. I joined the Peace Corps to teach English in Cameroon, married a Frenchman there and stayed.

I moved with my family to France in 1984 and began teaching English in afternoon and evening classes for adults. I acquired a DEA in English literature and taught translation for an antenna of the University of Bordeaux until 2005. In 1995 I passed the CAPES and the aggrégation in 1997. I taught at Lycée de Baudre in Agen until 2012. I have translated two books from French to English for the publisher One World and I wrote a biography of a Baha’i pioneer which was published in England in 2013. I have also had short stories published in American magazines.

I first heard of TPRS in 2005 and, like Stephen Krashen, I’m convinced it’s the most effective method to teach languages in use today. I organized the first TPRS workshop in France which was held in Agen in August, 2013. Participants came from seven different countries. We just finished the sixth workshop with 81 paticipants from 25 different countries. And I’ve started planning for the seventh which will start on July 22nd, 2019.

Am I a witch? If that’s what you call a woman who speaks her mind, yes. And Comprehensible Input is my witchcraft.

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